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Matt Murphy

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Matt 'Guitar' Murphy

Matt 'Guitar' Murphy
Matt 'Guitar' Murphy
Instrument: Lead Guitar

Matt 'Guitar' Murphy was an original member of the Blues Brothers Band in the 1970's until Jake Blues was sent to prison for armed robbery. Shortly after, Matt and his new wife opened a Soul Food Cafe on Maxwell St in Chicago. Fellow band member 'Blue' Lou Marini joined him until Jake was released and asked them both to rejoin the band. After a brief tour, Matt served prison time with the rest of the band. Some time after being released, Matt and his wife sold the Soul Food Cafe and started a Mercedes Dealership. It was from there that Elwood Blues invited Matt and Lou to once again rejoin the band. Matt toured with the band for a few more years, however his current whereabouts are unknown.

Biography of Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy
Date of Birth: 27th December, 1929 (Aged 86)

Matt Murphy was born in Sunflower, Mississippi. He was already a legend among serious guitarists by the 1960s, famed for the incredibly fast and intricate blues riffs that would soon change rock and roll. While white rock and rollers were still playing the slow melodic riffs of "Love One Another" or the slow fuzzy riffs of "Wild Thing," a few (like Eric Clapton, Rick Derringer and Jeff Beck) were listening to the flying fingers of BB King and Matt Murphy and trying to emulate them.

Murphy did not have a band of his own until 1982, but played with many famous bands. Among them (more or less chronologically):

* Howlin' Wolf
* Little Junior Parker
* Ike Turner
* Memphis Slim
* James Cotton
* Otis Rush
* Etta James
* Sonny Boy Williamson II
* Chuck Berry
* Joe Louis Walker
* Shaboo All-Stars
* The Blues Brothers

Some of these took a lot of his lifetime (for example, he played with Memphis Slim for 20 years in a row), some were just sessions during his work at the Chess Records (obviously, Otis Rush did not need a full-time guitarist, he could play well himself, unlike piano-player Memphis Slim).

He can be seen in the films The Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers 2000, where he plays Aretha Franklin's hen-pecked husband.

Murphy's signature model guitar is manufactured by Cort Guitars.

In 2001 Matt Murphy suffered a stroke and has been unable to play ever since. According to the band, he is resting and recovering. John Tropea has been the lead guitarist for the band since 2002.

Featured Movie Scenes

The Blues Brothers
Matt Murphy featured in many scenes in this movie.
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Matt Murphy appears on the following Blues Brothers Albums:

Briefcase Full of Blues (1978)
Briefcase Full of Blues (1978)

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