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Scene 6 - A Little Churchin' Up

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Scene 6 - A Little Churchin' Up

Director's Edition DVD: Chapter 3
Theatrical Edition DVD: Chapter 3
Scene Location: Triple Rock Baptist Church
Description: Following Curtis' Advice, Jake and Elwood visit the Triple Rock Baptist Church for "a little churchin' up", and to hear the Rev. Cleophus James preach.
Music in this Scene:
The Old Landmark
(The song Rev. Cleophus and the choir sing during the whole scene.)
God Music
(The music playing while Jake 'sees the light')

This scene was filmed at the following locations:
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Universal Studios Soundstages
Universal Studios Soundstages

We gotta make that move towards redemption, we gotta go to church - Elwood Blues
When I woke up this morning, I heard a disturbing sound - Prison Guard #2
Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ! I have seen the light! - 'Joliet' Jake Blues
And God bless the United States of America! - Elwood Blues

Jake's backflips up and down the aisle were performed by a stuntman 'Jonathan Yarbrough'. He is more famously known as 'Jonathan Pendragon', of the magic duo The Pendragons
Because James Brown had trouble lip-syncing, all of his vocals were recorded live on the set. The band and the choir were all pre-recorded in the studio.
Many of the other scenes with dancing used amateurs, this scene used professional dancers to compensate.

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