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SCMODS Movie Guide - The Blues Brothers

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Opening Shot
Scene 1 - Opening Shot
Opening shot flying over Joliet's Industrial Area
Location: Joliet Industrial Area
Jake's Release
Scene 2 - Jake's Release
'Joliet' Jake Blues is released from prison after 3 out of 5 years for good behaviour, and is reunited with his brother Elwood Blues
Location: Joliet Correctional Facility
The New Bluesmobile
Scene 3 - The New Bluesmobile
Elwood explains why he picked up Jake in an ex-police car, and demonstrates why it's the new Bluesmobile.
Location: Driving from Joliet to Calumet City
The Penguin
Scene 4 - The Penguin
Jake and Elwood go back to the Our Lady of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage where they were raised to visit 'The Penguin', where she explains that unless they can raise $5000 the Orphanage will close.
Location: St Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage, Calumet City
Curtis' Advice
Scene 5 - Curtis' Advice
Jake and Elwood meet with Curtis, their Janitor and childhood mentor, about the trouble the Orphanage is in
Location: St Helen's Orphanage Basement
A Little Churchin' Up
Scene 6 - A Little Churchin' Up
Following Curtis' Advice, Jake and Elwood visit the Triple Rock Baptist Church for "a little churchin' up", and to hear the Rev. Cleophus James preach.
Location: Triple Rock Baptist Church
Where's the Band?
Scene 7 - Where's the Band?
Jake and Elwood return from the Triple Rock at night in the Bluesmobile and discuss how they're going to reassemble the band. On the way they encounter some state troopers...
Location: Driving in the Bluesmobile
A Mall with Everything
Scene 8 - A Mall with Everything
To evade the state troopers, Jake and Elwood take the Bluesmobile through the Dixie Square Mall in Harvey IL, and not just in the carpark...
Location: Dixie Square Mall
Elwood's Elegant Abode
Scene 9 - Elwood's Elegant Abode
Jake and Elwood park the Bluesmobile and go to Elwood's Hotel room to sleep. On the way they run into a mystery woman...with a bazooka.
Location: Elwood's Hotel
This scene contains footage deleted from the Theatrical Release
The Bomb in the Abode
Scene 10 - The Bomb in the Abode
Jake and Elwood are awoken by a large explosion in their hotel.
Location: Elwood's Hotel
Elwood Quits his Job
Scene 11 - Elwood Quits his Job
Elwood goes to his job at the propellants factory to tell his boss he needs to quit.
Location: Propellants Factory
This scene contains footage deleted from the Theatrical Release
The Last Known Address
Scene 12 - The Last Known Address
Jake and Elwood ponder the Lord's ways while they track down the band.
Location: Carpark
This scene contains footage deleted from the Theatrical Release
Mrs Tarantino
Scene 13 - Mrs Tarantino
Jake and Elwood visit Mrs Tarantino, the last known address of Bones Malone and Lou Marini
Location: Mrs Tarantino's House
Murph and the Magic Tones
Scene 14 - Murph and the Magic Tones
Jake and Elwood visit the Armada Room at the Holiday Inn where Murph and the Magic Tones (all former Blues Brothers Band members) are now playing.
Location: The Holiday Inn
Finding Mr Fabulous
Scene 15 - Finding Mr Fabulous
Jake and Elwood visit the Chez Paul where Alan 'Mr Fabulous' Rubin is now the Maitre'd, to convince him to come back to the band.
Location: Chez Paul Restaurant
Illinois Nazis
Scene 16 - Illinois Nazis
While travelling to Maxwell Street, Jake and Elwood are blocked by a Nazi parade on a bridge.
Location: Nazi Parade
Boom Boom
Scene 17 - Boom Boom
Jake and Elwood travel down Maxwell Street on the way to the Soul Food Cafe and enjoy some of the local blues.
Location: Maxwell Street
The Soul Food Cafe
Scene 18 - The Soul Food Cafe
Jake and Elwood find Blue Lou Marini and Matt Guitar Murphy working at the Soul Food Cafe, and ask them to come back to the band. Mrs Murphy has other ideas.
Location: The Soul Food Cafe
Curl Up and Dye
Scene 19 - Curl Up and Dye
The mystery woman reads a flamethrower manual at her Beauty Salon, surrounded by photos of Jake.
Location: Curl Up and Dye Beauty Salon
Ray's Music Exchange
Scene 20 - Ray's Music Exchange
Jake, Elwood, and the Blues Brothers Band visit Ray's Music Exchange to buy some new equipment.
Location: Ray's Music Exchange, Calumet City
Howard Johnson's
Scene 21 - Howard Johnson's
Jake, Elwood and the Band go to a Howard Johnson's to make a phone call to Maury Sline, their booking agent.
Location: Howard Johnson's Carpark
Like a Rash all over the Computer
Scene 22 - Like a Rash all over the Computer
The Illinois Nazi's discover Elwood was responsible for forcing them off the bridge, so they pay him a visit at the address on his record.
Location: Nazi Office/Wrigley Field
Bob's Country Bunker
Scene 23 - Bob's Country Bunker
Jake, Elwood and the Band stop at Bob's Country Bunker to play a gig posing as a Country & Western band.
Location: Bob's Country Bunker, Kokomo
Blessed Acceleration
Scene 24 - Blessed Acceleration
After skipping out of Bob's without paying, Jake and Elwood are chased by Bob and the Country and Western band they stole the gig from.
Location: Driving away from Bob's
Maury Sline
Scene 25 - Maury Sline
Jake and Elwood visit Maury Sline to discuss putting on a concert to raise $5000
Location: Sauna
Put the Word in the Streets
Scene 26 - Put the Word in the Streets
Jake, Elwood, Curtis and the orphans hit the streets to promote the concert at the Palace Hotel Ballroom.
Location: Orphanage/Various Streets
Outta Gas
Scene 27 - Outta Gas
Jake and Elwood run out of gas in the Bluesmobile and are forced to a gas station to refuel. The Band arrives at the Palace Hotel without them and meets Curtis. Jake and Elwood kill time at the gas station while waiting for the tanker truck. The police find out about the gig, and the audience at the Palace Hotel gets impatient for the show to start.
Location: Street/Gas Station/Palace Hotel/Police Headquarters
Minnie the Moocher
Scene 28 - Minnie the Moocher
Jake and Elwood arrive at the gig, but still have to sneak past the police outside. Meanwhile Curtis and the Band perform "Minnie the Moocher" to entertain the impatient audience.
Location: Palace Hotel Ballroom
Excuse Us
Scene 29 - Excuse Us
Jake and Elwood sneak into the Palace Hotel, Curtis introduces them and they finally make it to the stage.
Location: Palace Hotel Ballroom
Everybody Needs Somebody
Scene 30 - Everybody Needs Somebody
Jake, Elwood and the Band perform "Everybody Needs Somebody" for a less than receptive audience.
Location: Palace Hotel Ballroom
Sweet Home Chicago
Scene 31 - Sweet Home Chicago
Jake, Elwood and the Band perform "Sweet Home Chicago"
Location: Palace Hotel Ballroom
We're Gone Man
Scene 32 - We're Gone Man
Jake and Elwood exit the stage secretly, and are offered $10,000 for a recording contract on the way out. They bump into the mystery woman who has been pursuing them all this time, where she reveals why she wants to kill Jake. The police and cowboys rush to their vehicles to give chase to Jake and Elwood.
Location: Palace Hotel Ballroom/Service Tunnels
106 Miles to Chicago
Scene 33 - 106 Miles to Chicago
Jake and Elwood make it to the Bluesmobile and speed away from the Palace Hotel. They are chased by the Good Ole Boys and dozens of police vehicles.
Location: Palace Hotel Ballroom/Highway/Motel
Southbound on 47
Scene 34 - Southbound on 47
Jake and Elwood are still being chased by the police the next day as they speed all the way to Chicago. The Chicago Police mobilize all their forces ahead of the Bluesmobile's arrival.
Location: State Highway 47/Police Headquarters/Chicago City Limits/Nazi Office/Chicago River/Streets
Use of Unnecessary Violence
Scene 35 - Use of Unnecessary Violence
The Bluesmobile breaks through the City Limits and tries to outrun the Chicago Police.
Location: Chicago City Limits/Chicago Streets
The Nazi's Last Ride
Scene 36 - The Nazi's Last Ride
After evading the police, Jake and Elwood are pursued by the Illinois Nazi's.
Location: Chicago Streets/Unfinished Bridge
Assault on Daley Plaza
Scene 37 - Assault on Daley Plaza
Jake and Elwood finally make it to the Cook County Assessor's Office to pay for the Orphanage, but they are followed closely behind by the Police, Fire, Army and SWAT teams.
Location: Richard J. Daley Plaza
Jailhouse Rock
Scene 38 - Jailhouse Rock
In prison, Jake, Elwood and the Blues Brothers Band perform "Jailhouse Rock" for the other inmates and the guards.
Location: Prison Dining Hall
The Cast of Characters
Scene 39 - The Cast of Characters
The cast of the movie join in singing "Jailhouse Rock", and the rest of the main cast credits are shown.
Location: Prison/Various Locations
End Titles
Scene 40 - End Titles
The full credits are shown at the end of the movie, with "Everybody Needs Somebody playing in the background".
Location: N/A