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Bob's Country Bunker (Exterior and Interior)

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Bob's Country Bunker (Exterior and Interior)
Real Location: Universal Studios (Falls Lake)
Address: 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, 91608
Status: Location no longer exists

Description: Bob's Country Bunker was built especially for the movie next to Falls Lake at Universal Studios, Hollywood. It was part of the backlot tour for a short while after the movie was completed then eventually demolished.

The road the Blues Brothers drove down still exists on the backlot. The lake is mostly empty, now the site of the giant blue screen constructed in 1986. At the opposite end of the lake is the house from the movie 'The Great Outdoors'.

Bob's was located next to Steven Spielberg Drive.

According to actor Lou Perryman, Bob's Country Bunker was not made of cinderblocks but was actually constructed from fibreglass insulation.

Coordinates: 34.13656959541392,-118.3478087631796
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